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OGCT's story

Our love for hemp and its vast uses excites the dawn of a green age in South Africa. We have been able to identify how to achieve higher levels of socio-economic emancipation through co-operative small scale hemp farming.

Our focus at this stage is assisting farmers in license applications, certified hemp seed supply (on order from Europe), decortication machine development, and building on our network of local and international off-take agreements.


Hemp Benefits

The list is endless, including hemp into a lifestyle revolution can see incredible long term benefits as well as short term relief. 

Balance of omega 3 and 6

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Primal Techniques Preferred

Planting, harvesting and processing can be done using sticks and stones. Pressing of oils, separating and spinning fibre, crushing of hemp stems into hurd.

Rich Source of Protein

Also helps with digestion and skin irritation.

Environmental benefits

The crops use less water for more fibre, more pulp than tress at a fraction of grow time.

Hempcrete buildings

The inner stalk mixed with lime and water makes for a building material that sequesters carbon with time.

Helps Fight Cancer

CBD oil is known to cure cancer and help with a host of other ailments both physical and mental.

Founders face to face

Our founders share surname’s and faces. Twins Joshua and Nathan Swart founded Original Cape Town Hemp in July 2017 and enjoy every step of the journey from developing a clothing line to building a hempcrete studio. With a big hempcrete vision, the Twins and the team hope the leave a legacy for our next generation.

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