OGCT is rooted in hemp development and small scale hemp farming in the Western Cape, South Africa. We support a network of farmers with license application, certified hemp seeds, harvest and processing guidance and off-take agreements. Our vision seeks to utilize the diversity of hemp products to emancipate those in need. See our BLOG for industry updates.

Hemp Pioneer

We support farmers.

OGCT thrives off enabling others access to hemp.

Hemp Network

Sharing agricultural best practices, our hemp network includes farmer support and buyers.

Hemp Seeds

Our certified seeds allow for international compliance in off-takes.

Farming Plan

Providing guidance and on-site assistance from seed to sale for small scale hemp farmers.

Hemp Permit

We help farmers prepare the documents to apply for their own hemp permit.

About Us

About OGCT

Our brand was established on the principles of clean green living. We have been able to develop a range of hemp clothing, personal care products, CBD oil’s and even a hempcrete music studio. 

OGCT focusses on farming and processing hemp where we invest in researching the most suitable region in Western Cape to grow, and work with local machine manufacturers to develop affordable and mobile decorticators. We also focus on lobbying National Parliament to bring about policy that will enable socio-economic emancipation in our nation with hemp.


Our Products

OGCT joined the industry in 2017 with two core focus areas, creating a brand and hempcrete research. Entering the market with our flagship product – the hemp linen button down – we enjoyed sharing the narrative of transformative consumer power. We developed our range in to over 15 different clothing items ranging from t-shirts to women’s hemp canvas dungerie dress. 


The call to personal care was present and we developed a range of CBD oils sourced overseas and compounded locally where we infused the oil with peperine and turmeric to increase the bio-availability of our oils

Seasons Growing
Seeds Distributed
Products Made
Houses Goal


Our Vision

Hempcrete houses big and small for all. 

Hemp House

Our nation needs 2.1 million houses, lets etch away at this with green building efforts.

Animal Feed

Hemp pellets for animal feed is an incredible source of nutrients as well as positively affecting the methane levels.

Hemp Education

Making agriculture appealing, we host workshops teaching small scale hemp farming, process and harvesting.

Grading House

Each farmer will be able to send their yields to OGCT mill for processing, grading and sales to established off-take agreements.

Keep in touch

We publish cannabis updates quarterly.