What do y’all at OGCT do?                 

With the many uses of the Hemp plant, we are determined to tackle the socio-economic difficulties we are facing as a Nation. Whilst keeping our fingers on the pulse of the legalisation process sitting with the legislatures, we are seeking opportunities for hemp in various markets.

Currently we sell hemp clothing, as well as ‘ready to grow’ hydroponic kits for sustainable veggie and herbs cultivation. You get to choose the seed.



What is Industrial Hemp and its uses?  

Hemp farming on big enough scales to support the hemp industry South Africa deserves. The outcome is not only the creation of jobs but also using the parts of the plant to make Hempcrete and Fabrics supporting the sustainable construction and textile industries (more jobs there too).

The Hemp plant is a specific strain of Cannabis (Sativa) that must have less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which means you won’t get high if you blessing up 4.20 with this loaded. It is used for industry replacing products ranging from clothing to houses to ‘plastics’ to personal care products and more. It’s probably worth mentioning one can extract Ethanol as a biofuel to propel an engine – Henry Ford thought it was a good idea back in 1941.


Dude, isn’t Hemp and Weed the same? 

Technically true, as they come from the same Cannabis family. However, hemp is completely different from marijuana in its chemical composition (THC and CBD Levels), cultivation methods and is not grown or used as a recreational stimulant/drug.



What products do we sell? 

Currently we sell a range of Hemp clothing, from Summer Linen Shirts to Kaftans as well as ‘ready to grow’ Hydroponic starter kits for you to grow just what you like with far less effort and water. See our store for the different options.



How do you wash the Hemp Summer Linen shirts?  

Place delicate hemp articles in a lingerie bag before putting them into a washing machine. Use cold to warm, not hot, water. Wash colored hemp in cold water.

One cup of white vinegar in the rinse water removes all traces of soap and leaves fabrics smelling fresh. Residual soap can leave cellulose, which oxidizes and leaves large brown spots on hemp, making it very important to soak hemp items in clean water thoroughly for a while after washing them.