Growing OG’s social project

Vision: Taking into account the unfortunate fact that more than 50% of youth in the townships do not finish high school due to problems at home, finances, gangsterism, pregnancy etc - we want to help them. Using botany as a groundwork to grow from, we hope to teach the children how to grow their own crops either for consumption or sale.

Mission: We are collaborating with the Cesvi Foundation, Amandla Development, Remote Year, Dance for a Chance and many more to host a successful positive impact project. We aim to build greenhouse tunnels and implement hydroponic growing systems.

Outcome: The children are to be reintroduced to a learning environment when learning about growing. They will be exposed to natural sciences, business and sustainable living. The harvest will either be sold or consumed. Take these skills and hopefully make some money. Use this as a channel to get the children back into the schooling system and a sense of purpose/direction. Maybe add educational section where we teach them of natural remedies? Teach them of 5 things they can grow themselves that is natural remedies.