Clean. Green. Living.

A hemp seed was planted, watered by the potential (hope) of a cleaner, greener South Africa and OGCT sprouted. Hemp holds the solution to many of SA’s socio-economic problems and has proven itself globally to be one of the most sustainable crops to grow. The OG’s rooted themselves in welcoming hemp to SA starting with imported textiles, growing to industrial hemp cultivation and hempcrete building after legalisation of Cannabis.

OGCT, also known as Original Cape Town, is a proudly South African company embedded in a future where all hemp products are made locally from seed to market, moreover creating local jobs. We offer our brand and products in an unique approachable way that promotes the education of Hemp in order for Saffas to learn more about this super plant.

Join our journey and witness this plant positively impact South Africa for a cleaner and greener lifestyle. Jump to “Grow Your Knowledge” to see some amazing hemp facts.

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